Everybody has to walk at some point during the day-even if it’s just from the parking lot to the office. And we are all integral to improving the safety of our neighborhood streets. Together, we can create safe walking environments that foster healthy lives by promoting safe and equitable access to jobs, education, play and daily destinations, whatever our ages and abilities.

California Walks works to engage older adults, children, youth, persons with disabilities, young adults, families, public health professionals, traffic engineers, and public officials among others to develop community-driven action plans and priorities to improve pedestrian safety and to build healthy and safe communities.

Cal Walks is able to offer training, technical assistance, and consultation to professionals, public agencies, private entities, and community members on:

  • Community needs assessments to identify assets and barriers to healthy, safe and walkable neighborhoods;
  • Community-based participatory research techniques to advance healthy and safe communities, including Photo and Video Voice tools;
  • School, park, Complete Streets, ADA or other walkability assessments;
  • Developing a pedestrian safety action plan (PSAP) with a federally-trained facilitator;
  • Communications strategies for community members to express experiences and priorities for policy or environmental change to decision-makers;
  • Community pedestrian safety strategy development;
  • Tools for safety, street violence prevention, walkability, transportation justice and healthy environment advocacy;
  • The 6 Wins for Social Equity-Healthy & Safe Communities Network framework for community organizing;
  • Local walking or pedestrian advocacy group development and mentorship; and
  • Identifying funding, needed policies, and strategies for community change.

Additionally, Cal Walks can provide fiscal sponsorship for fledging walk organizations. If you are interested in working with California Walks, please contact Tony Dang, Deputy Director.