Beginning in 2016, the Community Pedestrian Safety Training (CPST) program was expanded to incorporate strategies to improve bicycle safety and was renamed the Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Training (CPBST) program.

In partnership with UC Berkeley’s Safe Transportation Research and Education Center (SafeTREC), and with generous funding from the California Office of Traffic Safety, we are conducting Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Trainings (CPBSTs) throughout the state of California. These workshops strengthen community skills, educate residents about pedestrian and bicycle safety best practices, and conduct walkability and bikeability assessments to help residents identify and prioritize next steps to develop pedestrian and bicycle safety action plans. CPBSTs bring together community residents, seniors, parents, and youth, as well as City or County officials from Transportation/Public Works, Public Health, Schools and the Police Departments.

CPBST Sites, 2009-2016

For a summary of CPST 2009-2014 Workshop outcomes, please review Community Pedestrian Safety Training: Results of follow up surveys from 12 participating communities or our 2015 Annual Report. You can also read our Transportation Research Board (TRB) paper, “Community Pedestrian Safety Workshops in California.”

If you are interested in hosting a CPST workshop in your community, please contact Caro Jauregui.

Past Community Workshops








  • Bakersfield
  • Sacramento (Safe Routes to School National Conference)

  • Fillmore
  • Rexland Acres Park—South Kern/Greenfield
  • San Jose (East San Jose/Alum Rock)

  • Berkeley
  • San Diego (OTS Leadership & Training Seminar)
  • Watsonville