Southeast Santa Rosa’s  Newhall Path Trash Clean-Up

Most of the pedestrian groups were formed by one or two people in a neighborhood who had a vision of making their streets safer and quieter. It all starts with talking with your neighbors. Other groups have been started by parents in the local PTA who decided they wanted to make it safer for kids to walk to school.

Ideas for Getting Started:

  • Host a meeting or event  with your neighbors so you can talk about your streets
  • Start a walking club
  • Email and event outreach are strategies to keep communication going after a meeting to formulate strategy and plans
  • Host a Walk Safely or  Traffic Calming workshop
  • Conduct a walk assessment using a walkability checklist
  • Organize a neighborhood clean up day
  • Host a talk about safe streets, healthy community, or traffic calming at your school or neighborhood center
  • Contact a Local Group in Your Area!
  • Get INVOLVED and act!