More Californians are choosing to walk, bike and take transit over driving solo! The recently released 2013 California Household Travel Survey found that since 2000, driving has decreased by 11%, while walking rates doubled from 8.8% to a whopping 16.6% for all trips. Other active transportation modes experienced great gains as well: with transit also doubling from 2.2% to 4.4% and bicycling nearly doubling from 0.8% to 1.5%. Combined, trips on foot, bike, and transit totaled nearly 23% of all daily trips statewide.

Despite this monumental shift in Californians’ travel behavior, our state transportation investments continue to reflect an outmoded and singular focus on motor vehicle travel, with less than 1% of transportation funding for walking and biking. In the proposed 2014-15 State Budget, for example, no new revenue is directed to enable the Active Transportation Program to meet Californians’ growing demand for walking and biking infrastructure—despite $1.7 billion in new revenues proposed for state transportation investments.

Californians unequivocally want more transportation options and walkable, bikeable, and equitable neighborhoods. Cal Walks Executive Director, Wendy Alfsen underscores that, “Californians haven’t waited idly for the state to recalibrate its transportation spending for the 21st century–their actions, instead, speak volumes to their demand for a more multimodal approach to our state’s transportation investments.”

The California Household Travel Survey, conducted by Caltrans, was completed in June 2013, but results were announced just last week.

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