Wendy Alfsen Wendy Alfsen, Executive Director Based in Oakland
Wendy Alfsen is the Executive Director of California Walks. She is a prominent member of the pedestrian safety community on local, state and national levels, serving on many advocacy collaboratives, as well as statewide and national committees, including the 6 Wins for Social Equity in Sustainable Community Strategy advocacy, Caltrans SRTS Advisory Committee, State Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) Pedestrian Safety Committee, Caltrans Active Transportation Livable Communities Advisory Group, and the California Pedestrian Advisory Committee. California Walks provides pedestrian safety advocacy, local group mentorship, community engagement, and training communities and professionals, walkability assessments, and policy development for safe walking transportation. Wendy Alfsen also worked for more than 20 years as a California lawyer on the personal toll on human lives from traffic crashes.
Tony Dang Tony Dang, Deputy Director Based in Oakland
Tony oversees Cal Walks’ policy advocacy, communications, development, and community engagement programs. Tony is passionate about creating more vibrant, livable communities through the intersection of health, transportation, sustainability and equity. Tony travels across California to educate and empower community residents to engage in local, regional, and statewide transportation planning and policy processes and become effective active transportation advocates through Community Pedestrian Safety Trainings and youth-oriented VideoVoice workshops. Tony serves on numerous advisory committees–including the California Transportation Infrastructure Priorities (CTIP) Work Group, the Caltrans Active Transportation Program-Technical Advisory Committee, the California State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Technical Advisory Committee, and has previously served as the Co-Chair of the California Strategic Highway Safety Plan’s Pedestrian Safety Committee and as member of the Caltrans District 4 Pedestrian Advisory Committee. Tony is a certified instructor of the Safe Routes to School National Course and also serves on the Board of Directors of the California Bicycle Coalition and the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network (CPEHN) and as a member of the Steering Committee of ClimatePlan.

Tony can often be seen walking and biking around as a volunteer at open streets events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tony holds a BA from Stanford University in Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity.
Jaime Fearer Jaime Fearer, AICP, Planning & Policy Manager Based in San José
Jaime is passionate about where she lives, and about where you live, too, and she is particularly focused on the critical intersection of equity, public health, and active transportation planning and advocacy. She is excited by California Walks’ partnerships in San José, and looks forward to building upon those relationships in the coming months as multigenerational advocates work together to positively influence policy and land use changes that will improve pedestrian safety and walkability across the city.

Most recently, Jaime worked with City of Greenbelt, Maryland, as a community planner where she focused on a number of projects, including working with Greenbelt’s Advisory Planning Board to complete the city’s Pedestrian and Bicyclist Master Plan, implementing Safe Routes to School infrastructure improvements at a local elementary school, and securing a grant to complete a citywide bike share feasibility study. Before attending the University of Maryland—College Park for a Master of Community Planning, Jaime worked for over a decade in the bookselling and publishing industries.
Caro Jauregui Caro Jauregui, Southern California Policy Manager Based in Los Angeles County
Caro Jauregui has dedicated her life to resolve the educational achievement gap, environmental injustices and public health disparities. Caro has worked with organizations like Alcohol Justice, WAGES-Women’s Action to Gain Economic Security, GRID Alternatives and KIPP Bay Area Schools. Rooted in social justice, the experience gained from these organizations has allowed Caro to think critically, innovatively and to create change on various fronts.

Caro graduated with a B.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies and a Minor in Public Policy from UC Berkeley. She received her Master’s in Public Policy from Mills College in 2013. She conducted research regarding California water policies, renewable energy, transportation and disaster preparedness during her time at Mills. Most recently, Caro has worked with El/La Para TransLatinas to create the organizational infrastructure of an agency of transformational resistance and she also assisted in directing a multi-state campaign with ColorOfChange to end state-based contracting with for-profit prison companies as a consultant.

Cal Walks Youth Leaders

MariaJose Diaz MariaJose Diaz, VideoVoice Translator Based in Bakersfield
MariaJose Diaz works with the California Walks Youth Leaders as a VideoVoice Translator. She is a junior at South High School in Bakersfield, CA, and her public health interests are in prenatal health and teen pregnancy.
Christopher Chavez Christopher Chavez,  VideoVoice Trainer Based in Bakersfield
Christopher Chavez works with the California Walks Youth Leaders as a VideoVoice Trainer. Chris is a junior at South High School in Bakersfield, CA, and he is interested in public health, healthy living, and nutrition.
Zelia Gonzales Zelia Gonzales, Youth Advocate Based in Sacramento
Zelia Gonzales is a 15 year old sophomore at the Met Sacramento Charter High School in downtown Sacramento and works with California Walks as a Youth Advocate. After having two surgeries on her ankles, using active transportation again became an important goal. Zelia fell in love with exploring transportation infrastructure while she recovered, and now her goal is to become a civil engineer and an urban planner.